• Blue Star Gas offers propane autogas services for your company's vehicles or fleet.

Fleet Stories

Fleet Stories

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Since joining the Alliance AutoGas network, Blue Star Gas has helped fleets throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and Utah save thousands on their fueling costs. On average, our customers see a 40 to 50 percent savings on their annual fuel expenses. Read on to learn how switching to propane autogas can save your organization's fleet more than just dollars.

Seattle Children's Hospital switched to propane autogas with Blue Star Gas

“One of the things that attracted us to this system is that it’s a conversion that fits right in the chassis. We bought an unleaded fuel chassis and added on the carburetion system for propane autogas. It retains the unleaded tanks and carburetion as a back-up system, which can extend the overall range. It can also be removed and transferred to a different vehicle down the road, posing an even greater ROI.”

“Anytime the hospital can save on operating costs, we are putting dollars back into high-quality care or life-saving research for our patients. And helping the environment is an additional win for staff and the department.”

Sandy Stutey, Transportation Programs Manager

Polk County Sheriff's Office switched to propane autogas with Blue Star Gas

“The sheriff’s office was looking for a way to save money on the fuel costs, as patrol cars travel an average of almost 25,000 miles each year and fuel bills are very noticeable each month. Not only is there a 50-cent-per-gallon federal tax credit for operating on alternative fuel like propane autogas, filling up with autogas also costs substantially less than gasoline. We expect to save thousands annually on fuel costs alone by operating autogas vehicles.”

Sergeant Mark Garton, Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Click here to download the Polk County Sheriff's Office Case Study.

Willamette Valley Transport switched to propane autogas with Blue Star Gas

“Our customers depend on us for reliable service for their medical transportation needs, so we wanted a fuel that offered high performance at a lower cost than gasoline. Switching vans to propane autogas with the help of Blue Star Gas has been a great experience. We’re already reducing our fuel costs by running on autogas instead of gasoline, and expect even greater savings as we convert more fleet vehicles to this clean fuel.”

“Our drivers and customers alike enjoy the new propane-powered vans, and we’re happy to know we’re helping improve the air quality in our local community by using an American-made clean fuel. I am also excited about the improvements to our company’s bottom line, and I highly recommend other fleets with similar vehicles convert as soon as they can.”

Timothy McClain, Owner

City of Edmonds switched to propane autogas with Blue Star Gas

“This is a great step in the right direction towards improving the sustainability of our government operations and preserving our community’s environment. Innovation like this is key to the City’s future.”

Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling