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Autogas vs. CNG

Autogas vs. CNG

A Real Comparison

With more than 21 million vehicles operating worldwide, propane autogas is the preferred alternative transportation fuel. It is also the most viable alternative fuel for American fleets. Compared to the cost of implementing compressed natural gas technology, autogas implementation is much more cost effective for most light- and medium-duty fleets.

  • Autogas fueling stations are 15 times less expensive than CNG fueling infrastructure
  • Incremental costs for an autogas vehicle are less than half of those for CNG
  • Autogas vehicles achieve superior range to CNG vehicles
  • Per dollar required for implementation, autogas

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Propane Autogas versus Natural Gas Comparison infographic

Source: Alliance AutoGas. Autogas v. CNG. Retrieved January 6, 2014 from the Alliance AutoGas website: http://www.allianceautogas.com/benefits-of-autogas/alternative-fuel-comparison/