• Blue Star Gas offers propane services for residential or commercial use.

Business Services

Business Services

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Propane is working harder all the time. It heats your office building, runs your kitchen, and even dries crops all in a clean, efficient, reliable manner. Propane powered forklifts not only lift heavier loads, they also have lower emission rates than gasoline or diesel models. With so many refueling options, propane has become the perfect alternative fuel for all of your fleet vehicles.

Since 1938, Blue Star Gas has been successfully supplying our commercial and industrial customers with a clean-burning energy-efficient fuel. Propane has a broad range of uses, including the following types of applications:


  • Agricultural Processing Equipment
  • Forklift Refueling
  • Dairies
  • Grain Drying
  • Greenhouse Heating
  • Lawn Care Equipment
  • Pest & Weed Control

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through the Propane Education & Research Council.


  • Mobile Catering
  • Fleet Conversions & Refueling (Propane Autogas)
  • Hotel & Restaurant Service
  • Laundromats
  • Office & Warehouse Heating
  • Wineries
  • Underground Utility Systems


  • Fleet Conversions & Refueling (Propane Autogas)
  • Forklift Refueling
  • Equipment Sales & Service
  • Manufacturing & Processing Equipment
  • Temporary Construction Heating
  • Office & Warehouse Heating


  • Fuel Dispensers