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E-lert Tank Monitors

E-lert Tank Monitors

Never Run Out of Fuel Again

E-lert is a remote tank monitoring system that automatically records the level of propane in your tank and then transmits the data to the Blue Star Gas data center. E-lert represents a major advancement in customer service and provides you with the security of knowing you’ll never run out of gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

❱  Will I be charged to have e-lert installed on my tank?Blue Star Gas E-lert Gateway for propane monitoring

No. As a valued Blue Star Gas customer, we want to make sure you always have the propane you need.

❱  Do I get charged for any calls e-lert makes?

No. The phone numbers programmed into e-lert are toll-free.

❱  How difficult is it to install the e-lert gateway module in my home?

Installing the e-lert gateway module into your home is as easy as installing an answering machine.

❱  How do I benefit from having an e-lert monitor on my tank?

There are many benefits to installing the e-lert system, including:

  • Ensuring you don’t run out of fuel. By monitoring your tank level daily, Blue Star Gas knows
    how much fuel is in your tank.
  • Preventing misuse of your fuel. An unusual usage alert can indicate a potential equipment or
    usage problem. Blue Star Gas will be alerted if your tank has a 10% fuel level change Blue Star Gas E-lert Propane Monitorbetween 1 hour periods.
  • Reducing visits from Blue Star Gas delivery trucks. Installing e-lert monitors allows Blue Star Gas to schedule deliveries more efficiently, reduce the number of customer visits, and improve our customer service.

❱  Does e-lert occupy the phone line?

No. E-lert reports fuel level and temperature readings to the Blue Star Gas data center between 12AM and 7AM. If the line is busy, e-lert will delay a connection attempt for 10 minutes. If e-lert is connected and someone attempts to use the phone, the connection will be terminated and a dial tone will be available.

❱  How does e-lert work?

The e-lert gateway is plugged into the phone or wall phone jack using the telephone cord that is supplied.* The e-lert monitor is strapped to the propane tank and connected to the gauge sensor that is mounted under the existing gauge dial. It reads the tank fuel level, outdoor temperature at the tank, and battery level, and does a functional check every half hour. E-lert also reports unusual usage patterns, battery problems, normal fuel level, and outside temperature to Blue Star Gas’ data center. More about the e-lert tank monitoring system:

  • It is UL-certified intrinsically safe for propane use.
  • It is powered by a solar cell/capacitor/rechargeable battery.
  • E-lert communicates over the 900MHz band (similar to a cordless phone) to the reporting module installed in the home or business.
  • The e-lert gateway displays tank level, outside temperature, and time.
  • E-lert has a range of about 900 feet that varies depending on the installation locations of the e-lert monitor and e-lert gateway.

If you believe you’ll need assistance installing the e-lert gateway module in your home, please contact your local Blue Star Gas office.

*E-lert may not be available to all customers. Certain equipment and phone restrictions may apply.